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Here's the first trailer for Dark Souls 3's Ashes of Ariandel DLC

Ashes to ashes.

Dark Souls 3's first piece of DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, launches on 25th October, Bandai Namco has announced. According to the email blurb, players will travel to an unnamed frozen land, battling new monsters and uncovering a terrible secret pertaining to the deeper lore of the Dark Souls series. If you've been paying attention to it all this time, that is.

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The accompanying trailer looks pretty good, I have to say; the whole area reminds me a lot of the Painted World of Ariamis, which was a snowy, optional area in the first Dark Souls game.

If you've played Dark Souls 3 for any length of time, you'll know that there is some overlap between its setting and that of the first Dark Souls, so I wouldn't actually be surprised if there is some connection between Ariamis and this new place, especially since the trailer seems to feature a blank canvas and one NPC offering you a torn piece of some painting.

The new bosses look pretty cool, too. They include a massive warrior with a stag helmet and two-handed axe, and one self-flagellating dude that uses the Lordvessel to try and squash you into Unkindled pulp.

Ashes of Ariandel also includes new weapons, armour sets and magic spells, as well as new features for the game's competitive multiplayer mode. The trailer features some of the game's old bosses too, which may have new movesets. There's absolutely no way I'm going up against the Nameless King again though. Seriously, that guy can do one.

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