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Dark Souls 3 will run at 60fps on PC

Bandai Namco awards $10k to lore video contest winner.

Dark Souls 3's PC version will run at 60fps, publisher Bandai Namco confirmed on Twitter.

To see if you've got a good enough kit to run it, check out the Dark Souls 3 PC system specs.

In other Dark Souls news, Bandai Namco just awarded $10k to the winner of its Dark Souls lore video contest.

The winner in question, YouTuber NerdyInc., won for the following video My Dark Souls Story: Biography of the Chosen Undead. Give the five minute video a looksee if you want to catch up on the series' lore ahead of Dark Souls 3's 12th April western launch.

Cover image for YouTube videoMy Dark Souls Story: Biography of the Chosen Undead - The Dark Souls Story