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Dark Souls 3 launch trailer whets our appetite one last time

Auctions Yorkshire "Dark Souls Tea" for charity.

Dark Souls 3 launched in Japan today and developer From Software isn't making it easy on the rest of us by releasing this glorious new launch trailer.

While primed for a Japanese launch (the release date says today), the following trailer is still in English. Look closely and you'll spot a few new bosses - maybe more than I'd like to know about, to be honest. Here's hoping the full game still has plenty of surprises left, because what From's teased so far is very enticing indeed.

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In other Dark Souls 3 news, Yorkshire Tea has joined forces with publisher Bandai Namco to auction off a one-of-a-kind 80 bag box of "Dark Souls Tea" to raise money for charity SpecialEffect, an organisation dedicated to using technology to help disabled people play video games.

The Dark Souls Tea is just regular Yorkshire tea, only in a special case. Because "tea" sounds kind of like "three", get it? And I thought the Dark Souls cafe was a stretch. You're killing us, Namco.