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Dark Souls 3 - Estus Shard locations

A comprehensive guide to finding every Estus Shard and giving your health a bit more of a kick.

Upgrading your Estus Flask and bonfire through the use of Shards is important for survival in the Kingdom of Lothric, and to help you on your way there are eleven Estus Shards and ten Bone Shards to be found as you progress. Some are tucked in out of the way locations and others in areas that require dispatching an enemy horde, but the detours and extra fights are worth your time - having that one last shot of healing power could make the difference between success and failure. Read on for how to find the Estus Shards - if you're looking for the Bone Shards, hop over to our Dark Souls 3 Bone Shards location guide.

Estus Shard locations

Firelink Shrine
This one is well hidden, and also requires an investment of Souls to gain access to the area. By the Key to the Tower for 20,000 Souls, and head to the upper right walkway of the shrine to locate the tower. Open the door and make your way up until you reach a bridge with a roof below. Drop down and cross to the far side and you'll find the Shard nestled in an archway.

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High Wall of Lothric
From the Tower on the Wall bonfire, head down the steps into the tower and down the ladder. Head out through the archway and onto the roof, and the down the ladder on the far right. Head through the archway at the bottom of the ladder, deal with the knight, and exit the other side of the room. Follow the passage along and to the right to a large open room - the shard is located in the middle of the room, so either do a smash and grab or take your time to deal with the opponents.

Foot of the High Wall
After you pass through the first building from the Undead Settlement bonfire you'll find an open area with a large bonfire in. Defeat enough of the assortment of enemies to give yourself some breathing room and then grab the Shard from the base of the fire.

Road of Sacrifices
From the Crucifixion Wood bonfire head under the arch between the two buildings ahead and follow the path to the left. You'll need to make it past a couple of largish enemies on your way, and the Shard is tucked away at the end.

Cathedral of the Deep
As you head up the short flight of steps towards the graveyard from the Cleansing Chapel bonfire you'll pass four enemies praying around an obelisk - the shard is located on a corpse at the base.

Farron Keep
In the middle of the marshy area is a collapsed tower next to a small fire, and next to the base of the tower is a corpse holding a Shard.

Catacombs of Carthus
From the Demon Ruins bonfire head down the steps. Turn right, make your way to the end of the room, turn left into the corridor, and jump across the gap at the end to find another Shard.

Irithyll Dungeon
From the Dungeon bonfire head down the corridor and turn right. If you've previously collected the Jailer's Keys you can open the door at the end and drop down to the platform below, but if you've not yet collected them you'll have to go the long way - cross the narrow bridge to the left, turn right on the other side, pass through the collapsed cell, head down the stairs, turn left, and follow the path until you end up outside. Whichever route you took to get here, the next Shard is contained in the Mimic to the right as you pass through the arch ahead.

Anor Londo
This shard can be found inside the cathedral that stands between the bonfire and the Aldrich boss fight, in a chest opposite the lever you use to open the main doors.

Lothric Castle
After defeating the Dancer of the Boreal Valley head up the ladder and turn left. Fight the knight at the end of the stone walkway and get on the elevator. Jump off onto the ledge about half way down and head right to find another Shard.

Grand Archives
From the Grand Archives bonfire, head up to the roof and make your way to the large domed roof. Turn right just before the stairs on the roof and follow it round until you find a gap between two stone pillars - the shard is on a corpse on the balcony ahead.

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