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Dark Souls 2 to receive three-part episodic DLC

You've sought the king, now seek his former crowns.

Deviously punishing action adventure Dark Souls 2 is getting three pieces of DLC entitled The Lost Crowns trilogy.

Crown of the Sunken King.

Set in all new areas with a new slew of enemy types and bosses to best, this trilogy will begin with Crown of the Sunken King on 22nd July for PC and Xbox 360 and the following day for PS3. Episode 2, Crown of the Old Iron King, launches 26th and 27th August on the same platforms, while the final chapter, Crown of the Ivory King, is due on 23rd and 24th September.

A Season Pass launches today on PS3 and PC.

The narrative basis behind these expansions is that you're setting off to reclaim three crowns formerly owned by Drangleic's King Vendrick. Crown of the Sunken King will be set in an expansive underground lair littered with stepped pyramids. The titular crown purportedly "holds the strength of lords from times long past" and publisher Namco Bandai claimed that this debut episode makes up "one of the more difficult levels developed by From Software."

Crown of the Old Iron King is set amid a "massive tower engulfed by black mist, where flames, smoke & sorcery lurk" where you must "navigate paths that are not what the appear to be."

Finally, Crown of the Ivory King is set in an "ancient temple wrung with freezing storms, towering walls and a hollowing emptiness." Enemies in this wintry climate will specialise in freezing abilities and low visibility.

Get a glimpse of Crown of the Sunken King in its debut trailer below.

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