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Dark Souls 2 Achievements list leaks



Few games will reward you when you die, but this is Dark Souls.

One of Dark Souls 2's Achievements is actually called, "This is Dark Souls" (pop your clogs for the first time and you'll earn 10 Gamerscore).

Dark Souls 2's full Achievements list popped up online over the weekend (thanks, Exophase), and reveals a little of what to expect from the upcoming sequel.

Rewards range from lighting bonfires and learning spells, defeating bosses (20G for killing the Looking Glass Knight) and acquiring items (20G for snagging the, er, 'King's Ring').

A selection of Achievements will see you discovering the game's many covenants - factions that you can align yourself with. There's a few to choose from, including the bloodthirsty, the meek, the clangorous and 'the covenant of rodents'.

The game's meatiest award (100G) is given out should you see the ending. There's also a Platinum Trophy-style Achievement (50G) for earning all the other awards.

Dark Souls 2 is due to arrive in Europe on 14th March for PS3 and Xbox 360, and "shortly after" that on PC. A new trailer was released last week - watch it below.