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Cyberpunk 2077 mod "StreetStyle" makes clothing choices more meaningful

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In the vanilla version of Cyberpunk 2077, you may find yourself wearing some absurd clothing combinations just for the sake of your armour stat. Bucket hats and high heels, biking boots and pencil skirts - it all goes on just to increase that number. What you wear in Night City doesn't have much of an impact on your interactions with others, but one modder has introduced a system to make clothes more meaningful.

StreetStyle - Immersive Fashion System adds more depth to Cyberpunk's existing clothing system by tying your outfits to the game's skill checks. The PC mod gives each item of clothing specific skill bonuses in Strength, Reflexes, Technical, Intelligence and Cool (with a value between one and five for each category). These combine with your base stats to give you skill boosts that comes in handy for skill checks - such as those found in dialogue and device interactions. Items have been assigned stats according to their actual purpose: wearing Netrunning equipment, for instance, will boost your Intelligence stat - but it won't provide much help with Strength and Reflexes, as the suits are not designed for combat.

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You can't simply boost your stats into the stratosphere, too: StreetStyle also adjusts the difficulty of skill checks to prevent them from being too easy with the buffs. The mod calculates your clothing bonus by adding up the total of all your clothing items for a single attribute, then dividing that number by seven, and adding it to your base stat.

The mod also pairs each item of clothing with one of Cyberpunk 2077's styles of Night City: Entropism, Kitsch, Neomilitarism and Neokitsch. Wearing several of these items will give you a "considerable buff" in skill check stats. "This gives an incentive to dress up in a more consistent style, which is something the base game does not do at all," mod creator TilW explains in the description.

I took the mod for a spin myself and decided to try boosting my "Cool" stat, which I had woefully neglected in my playthrough until that point. I selected as many Neokitsch and Kitsch items as I could - all of which had high stats for Cool - and decided to test it on a skill check with Lizzy Wizzy. Unfortunately, I found that my very cool outfit still wasn't enough to convince Lizzy Wizzy to give me better pay... which is probably fair enough considering that I hadn't trained my character in this skill at all. So there is some balance here, you can't entirely change your character's attributes with clothes alone.

If you do want to disrupt this balance and give yourself outrageous bonuses, however, the mod does allow you to tweak the values in the "StreetStyle_skill_check_scaling.reds" file.

Here's my (mostly) Neokitsch outfit for meeting Lizzy Wizzy.

It's worth noting you'll have to download another mod called redscript to get StreetStyle working - and I had to disable a couple of UI mods to get StreetStyle working. Still, it seems like a great way to encourage people to think about the clothes they pick beyond armour stats, and ties in nicely with the existing lore and world design for Cyberpunk. Time to go create some killer looks.