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Cyberpunk 2077 gets patch to fix PC save file exploit

Code red.

After a security vulnerability involving crafted save files was spotted by modders, CD Projekt Red has now rolled out a PC hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077 - meaning that particular exploit should be solved.

Hotfix 1.12 promises a fix to a vulnerability that allowed crafted save files to take advantage of a buffer overflow, which redirected the running thread to an old DLL from 2010, at a fixed address which lacked modern protections. The vulnerability meant that save files, which are normally considered a bit safer to download, could essentially be turned into executables that could carry out "any locally executed virus" on a user's PC - without the user noticing. For a more extended explanation, you can find my original story here - or simply listen to us chatting about it on this week's Eurogamer Next-Gen News Cast:

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According to CDPR's tweet, this "buffer overrun issue" has now been fixed, while it seems the troublesome DLL has been "removed/replaced."

The vulnerability was initially discovered by PixelRick, who found the exploit when reverse-engineering the game to develop a save editor.

"I'd still like to remind people that some mods do contain executables files (.exe, .dll, .asi) that by nature represent a risk... and this threat is a constant one, whereas the vulnerability of sav.dat files is going to be patched," PixelRick told me earlier this week. So, you heard PixelRick: always be careful when downloading your mods, but at least this save file exploit should be fixed thanks to the hotfix.

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