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Cyberpunk 2077 developers locked out of workstations following cyber attack, report says

With employees asked to freeze accounts.

CD Projekt yesterday announced that the next update for Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed until March, following a severe cyber attack that held source code and internal documents to ransom. A new report by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has now detailed exactly how disruptive the attack was, leaving employees locked out of their workstations for two weeks and scrambling to freeze personal accounts.

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According to the Bloomberg report [paywall], most CD Projekt employees are currently working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the cyber attack and CD Projekt's refusal to pay the ransom, employees have been unable to log into the company's virtual private network for weeks - leaving the majority of developers unable to access the tools and systems required for their work. Some employees were also asked to send their computers to CD Projekt's IT staff to check whether malware had been installed during the attack.

On top of this, the report says the hack may have exposed employees' personal information, such as Polish identification numbers and passport details. CD Projekt apparently asked staff to freeze their accounts and report the breach to "relevant parties".

The situation seems to have been a complete nightmare for CD Projekt employees, who - after being asked to work six-day weeks before launch, then weather the backlash for the game's many problems - now have to deal with their personal data potentially being compromised. As for fixing up Cyberpunk 2077, while one patch has already added some performance improvements and bug fixes, CD Projekt still has a lot of work on its hands to get the game running smoothly on base last-gen consoles - and this cyber attack certainly hasn't helped matters.

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