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Crytek refutes hire/fire blog allegations

"It was written to purposefully harm us."

Crysis 2 developer Crytek has been accused of bad hiring and firing practices.

A blog appeared at the weekend that accused Crytek of a "bullying mentality" and of treating staff "like disposable pieces of meat".

Specific allegations were of staff being "fired unlawfully" to be replaced by cheaper, junior recruits. "Bullsh*t reasons" were apparently given for dismissal.

Crunch was noted for making staff suffer "both in medical and personal ways".

Redundancy offers were described as "meagre". The blog said staff were "forced" to settle their disputes with Crytek in court.

The blog went on to name positions of 16 members of staff that were pushed or walked as a result of the "polluted atmosphere".

Crytek co-founder Avni Yerli dismissed the allegations as "completely misleading", "very distressing" and "very disappointing" when speaking with Develop.

"We maintain excellent relationships with ex-employees, and we always try to."

Avni Yerli, co-founder, Crytek

Crytek, he said, "values its employees very highly", regardless of position. Yerli said this was the first time someone had tried to "harm us". "I think we maintain excellent relationships with ex-employees, and we always try to," he remarked.

"The fact that we can make strong games and technologies is entirely down to the skill and passion of the people that we work with, and a reflection of the harmony and the competency of our team."

Yerli explained how nine of the staff whose positions were named on the blog left "of their own accord". One of the positions belonged to a contractor and four were "released".

"Two of those ended in court cases which we won," revealed Yerli. "So never have we lost a case in accordance to labour cause."

Yerli admitted that in "some cases we ask people to leave". In doing so, the studio "always, always" complies with the law. "And we are always supportive to those staff in ways that are far beyond what is legally required," he added.

Another allegation the blog levelled at Crytek was that the developer was moving to a smaller studio in Frankfurt that wouldn't have room for 70 existing staff. Yerli said that this was "bullsh*t", and that the new studio "is larger". Yerli did accept that there may have been confusion among the ranks surrounding the office moves, however.

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