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Crysis Warhead here in September

Side-by-side with Crysis Wars.

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EA plans to release PC standalone expansion Crysis Warhead and dedicated multiplayer excursion Crysis Wars in Europe on 12th September.

Crysis Warhead relives events from Crysis through the eyes of Sergeant "Psycho" Sykes, who landed on the other end of the island and has his own nanosuit, as well as an expanded armoury and more vehicles to choose from. But can he roll a pick-up truck into a hostile camp like Dutch?

Crytek designed Warhead to be more accessible, which means optimising the game to run on a much wider range of PCs.

Crysis Wars introduces TeamInstantAction to the existing multiplayer modes, which is the same as returning mode InstantAction, but in teams. PowerStruggle is also back.

There are 21 maps to stalk around; six are new for TeamInstantAction and InstantAction, and one is new for PowerStruggle.

Crytek may shun the spacebar, but has, more importantly, put a team in place to solely look after the Crysis Wars community.

Head over to our hands-on impressions of Crysis Warhead to find out more.

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