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Crysis 2 to unravel Crysis mysteries

Explains events, provides more information.

Upcoming science fiction shooter Crysis 2 will unravel some of the mysteries left dangling at the end of 2007 FPS Crysis, Crytek has teased.

Crysis 2, set three years after the events of the first game and standalone expansion Crysis Warhead, sees players muck about in a ravaged New York City under assault by an alien invasion – a far cry from Crysis' open sandbox jungle setting.

"There is a continuation of the Crysis 1 story and some flashbacks to some Crysis 1 information," executive producer Nathan Camarillo told Will Porter for Eurogamer.

"If you're new to the Crysis universe you won't be lost and you'll understand there's a deeper fiction there and maybe you'll want to go back and play Crysis 1 as a result.

"But if you played Crysis 1 it'll reveal some of the mysterious to you and give you more information about them, some of the characters from Crysis 1 and events that happened and why they happened.

"It's actually really cool how it all plays together. But that's for you guys to experience when the game comes out."

One question we're keen to answer is whether British SAS Sergeant Michael "Psycho" Sykes, star of Crysis Warhead, makes an appearance.

"You'll find out," is all Camarillo offered.