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Cross-platform play confirmed for virtual reality game Eve: Valkyrie

Multiple targets.

Eve Valkyrie - CCP's space shooter set within the Eve Online universe - will support cross-platform play in the future. The news was revealed by the game's executive producer, Owen O'Brien, during the opening ceremony of the company's annual Fanfest gathering in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Valkyrie, currently available as an early access title for the Oculus Rift, is also in development for both the HTC Vive and Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR hardware. The news ensures that owners of the game will be able to play together, regardless of their preferred VR platform.

O'Brien also went into a litte more detail on the upcoming Carrier Assault mode that's planned for the game. This mode, described as an evolution of the current Contol scneario, sees players attempting to whittle down the shields of a carrier ship, pick off the defensive turrets sprinkled across the carrier, and then infiltrate the ship interior to destroy its critical core.

You can take a look at the new mode in action in the video below.

Next up at Fanfest is CCP's Eve Online keynote, which will see the developers outline their vision for the game in the year ahead. We'll bring you a report on all of the key details shortly after it concludes.

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