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Criterion shows other Legendary Cars

Inspired by Ecto 1, KITT and General Lee.

Criterion has unveiled the three other vehicles in its upcoming Legendary Cars pack besides the Jansen 88 Special.

Just as the 88 hover car appears to have been inspired by Back to the Future, the newbies arguably owe their looks to other vehicular icons of the screen: the Ecto 1, Hasselhoff's KITT and the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.

As you can see from our updated Burnout Paradise gallery, the Manhattan Spirit is channeling Ghostbusters, and producer Jeremy Chubb says it has "a trick up its sleeve" when you click the left stick. Like the Hunter Manhattan, which the Spirit modifies, it's a good stunt car.

Then there's the Carson Nighthawk - "denied by the government and disowned by Carson" - which nods the Carson GT in the direction of Knight Rider with a "custom lighting array triggered by boost".

Finally there's the Cavalry Bootlegger, a modified Hunter Cavalry with a mentalist horn on the left-stick-click for sounding off on jumps, inspired by the General Lee. "Also available in orange."

According to one of Criterion's podcasts in November, the Legendary Cars pack will be released sometime this spring as premium downloadable content.

It's also not to be confused with other expansions in the works, including the Party Pack, Big Surf Island, Toy Cars or the Boost Specials.

Criterion also plans to announce a tenth expansion shortly.

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