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Cosy puzzle game Wanderful could be the next Dorfromantik

A moment of calm.

A demo for cosy puzzle game Wanderful has just been released on Steam and it's a relaxing little gem.

The game is from German indie developer Tiny Roar and will be published by Daedalic, with an Early Access release on PC sometime this year.

Wanderful is a builder-explorer game players take at their own pace, with a bright and squidgy art style. Check out the demo trailer below.

Wanderful's demo is playable now on Steam.Watch on YouTube

Players take control of a little explorer in the midst of a forest. By collecting embers dotted around the procedurally generated map, players collect building tiles used to create pathways for the explorer to follow.

Tiles range from single-use food kiosks and towers with large range, to farmsteads and fields that can be combined to expand the map further.

Moving the explorer also consumes ember, so players need to balance explorer movement, ember collecting, and building, with the aim to simply turn as much of the map as possible into suitable pathways for discovery.

With its gentle pace and chilled vibes (not to mention from the minds of a German developer), Wanderful draws comparison with the wonderful Dorfromantik - high praise indeed.

The Wanderful demo on Steam is available now and only lasts a few minutes - the perfect moment of calmness.

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