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Control Ultimate Edition owners call for refunds after news of PS5 launch via PS Plus

Bureau de change.

Owners of Control's Ultimate Edition have called for refunds on PlayStation 5, where the next-gen version of Remedy's stylish shooter will now launch as part of February's PS Plus line-up.

Some fans say they purchased the Ultimate Edition alongside their PS5 and have never downloaded or played Control on a PS4. The Ultimate Edition, as you may recall, is the recent version of Control which unlocks the shiny new next-gen edition on 2nd February.

Now these fans - who in some cases double-dipped on a second copy of the game to get its next-gen upgrade - have asked for their purchases to be refunded, since the first time they will get to play it on PS5 will be the same day it launches via PS Plus.

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The next-gen version had been slated to arrive before Christmas, but in November was delayed until 2021.

There's additional disquiet from fans who point out that Control's Ultimate Edition was on sale earlier in January, something which will have driven sales of the game only a few weeks before its announcement as a PS Plus title - though this is not the first time such things have happened.

Whether a customer is granted a refund is the decision of the platform holder, such as PlayStation, rather than the developer or publisher - in this case Remedy or 505 Games.

PlayStation's store has a 14-day refund policy for game purchases, add-ons and other content, provided you have not begun downloading or streaming the content in question. For pre-orders, you can cancel at any point up until the game launches or up to 14 days after if you have not begun downloading or streaming it.

The Control Ultimate Edition is a bundle item containing both PS4 and PS5 versions, and which launched last September. However, some fans have argued that as the release date for the PS5 part of this bundle has yet to be reached, they are still entitled to a refund under PlayStation's pre-order rules. As yet, there's no suggestion PlayStation agrees with this interpretation of its policies.

We've contacted PlayStation, Remedy and 505 Games for more.

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