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Console APB would be "a different game"

Realtime Worlds still wants to do it.

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APB lead designer EJ Moreland has told Develop that the online crime shooter would be "a different game" if it was released on consoles.

It's "clear that Realtime Worlds wants a console version of APB," he said, but it couldn't and wouldn't be a straight port.

"Usually when you play a console-to-PC port, or vice-versa, it's usual that the game won't work as well as it did on its original platform. So for us, what we see for APB on consoles - and we've had discussions about this - is to make a different game that fits better for the system," Moreland said.

"I had strong concerns that the game we were making for PC wasn't going to be viable on console. We would want to do some things to make the game much more console-centric."

APB was originally planned for release on 360 and possibly PS3, but since its appearance at E3 2009 under the wing of publisher EA, only the PC version - due for release in July - has been discussed.

According to Moreland that there has been no "definitive decision" to scrap a home console version, but a decision was made to focus on PC only for first release.

"Development started as PC-oriented and, at a point where we had enough resources to compile our own console team, we decided to dedicate our talent on the PC game to make it that much better."

He said there were no definitve plans to begin developing console versions of the game.

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