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Connect your Steam Deck to a monitor or TV with this Ugreen Docking Station, now just £30 during Prime Day

Take advantage of this 20% discount on this Rock Paper Shotgun-recommended Steam Deck dock before the day is out.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 will be wrapping up tonight at midnight, but there’s still a good amount of time to take advantage of several deals before the event closes out.

One deal we’ve spotted in these final few hours is this Ugreen Docking Station for Steam Deck that effectively grants the Steam Deck similar functionality to the Nintendo Switch’s dock.



So how does this dock make the Steam Deck feel more like a Switch then? Well it’s all about the HDMI port.

By slotting the Steam Deck into the dock and connecting a HDMI cable from the rear of the dock into a TV or monitor, you’re able to output the image of the portable device onto the larger screen, thus resulting in a Switch-like home console.

Best of all, the output supports 60Hz at 4K resolution, so should a game be Steam Deck verified and can reach those upper graphical settings, you’ll be nearing the quality you’d usually get from similar spec PCs and consoles.

As per the item’s description, you’ll also be getting no tearing either, making it a rather consistent viewing experience too.

On top of that, there are also a bunch of other ports you can use too, including USB and Ethernet, the latter of which will be useful for gaming online with the Deck since you’ll be able to support a more stable connection.

As an added bonus, whilst your Steam Deck is docked, it’ll be doubling up as a charger meaning that it’ll be able to charge regardless of whether it’s in use or not, and be ready for when you next want to take it on the go.

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