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Command & Conquer has been cancelled

Victory Studios is no more.

The latest game in EA's long running Command & Conquer RTS series has been cancelled.

This is rather surprising for a game that's already been semi-publicly available in a closed alpha test. So why's it been canned, you ask? Apparently feedback wasn't so hot on this free-to-play, multiplayer-focused reboot.

"Part of being in a creative team is the understanding that not all of your choices are going to work out. In this case, we shifted the game away from campaign mode and built an economy-based, multiplayer experience. Your feedback from the alpha trial is clear: We are not making the game you want to play," said Victory in its news post about the game getting shuttered. "That is why, after much difficult deliberation, we have decided to cease production of this version of the game. Although we deeply respect the great work done by our talented team, ultimately it's about getting you the game you expect and deserve."

All players who purchased the alpha will be receiving a refund over the next 10 days.

"We believe that Command & Conquer is a powerful franchise with huge potential and a great history, and we are determined to get the best game made as soon as possible," the developer concluded. "To that end, we have already begun looking at a number of alternatives to get the game back on track. We look forward to sharing more news about the franchise as it develops."

Additionally, the series marketing manager tweeted, "Well that was fun. Victory Games is closed. LFW."