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Command & Conquer Generals Evolution mod recreates the much-loved RTS in Red Alert 3

If that is what you want.

Modders have recreated much-loved 2003 real-time strategy game Command & Conquer Generals in the Red Alert 3 engine.

Command & Conquer: Generals Evolution, which released last week in beta form, certainly captures the feel and atmosphere of the original within the better-looking 2008 RTS Red Alert 3. The modders have ported almost every unit from the original game, and added some new units "to spice up gameplay a bit". You can download Command & Conquer: Generals Evolution now from Moddb.

The video below, from YouTube channel DeathMetalMarine PCMR, shows a skirmish on max settings.

Watch on YouTube

The mod is primarily the work of "Gunship Mark II" (here's the Patreon), who spent almost half their life working on the project.

Gunship Mark II plans to rest now the beta is out in the wild. "Working on this project was nothing but copious amount of stress," they said. "I had to sacrifice pretty much every ounce of my free time, even decline freelance job offers just to finish this thing (I think it's a 'me' problem at this point)."

However, eventually Gunship Mark II will return to add missing units, more infantry units, "some sort of short disjointed single-player campaign", a couple of co-op missions and brand new skirmish maps.

The video below, also from DeathMetalMarine PCMR, shows another game of Generals Evolution, this time playing as the USA Laser General (check out the Particle Cannon, the A10 Strike and the MOAB at 21:44​).

Watch on YouTube

EA released the wonderful Command & Conquer Remastered Collection back in June 2020. The hope is it did well enough to convince the powers that be to perhaps remaster another set of Command & Conquer games - or maybe even have a stab at a brand new entry in the legendary series. Check out our interview with EA producer Jim Vessella for more.

For now though, Command & Conquer Generals Evolution offers a trip down memory lane for any Generals fan. "All in all it's a feature rich release that should bring some C&C Generals nostalgia back," Gunship Mark II said.

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