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Colour Blind Assist option for MW3

To help nearly one million COD players.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will include a Colour Blind Assist option, Sledgehammer Games has confirmed.

Michael Condrey, VP and COO of Sledgehammer Games, wrote on the Sledgehammer website that nearly a million gamers play Call of Duty every day with Colour Vision Deficiency.

"I am happy to report that we are working on a Colour Blind Assist option for Modern Warfare 3," he wrote.

Condrey revealed the feature in an answer to a question from Call of Duty player Nick Prynn.

"I know it's a long shot but I would like to know if the upcoming title, MW3 multiplayer has the option for colour blind gamers. i.e... alternate colours like in Black Ops," he asked.

"As a color blind gamer this will a big influence as to whether I buy the game."

"Start honing your MP skills, Nick," Condrey concluded. "You won’t be able blame your red-green deficiency for all that friendly-fire come November 8th."

What's happening on 8th November?

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