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Codemasters confirms DiRT 3

"If you don't innovate, you're dead."

Codemasters bigwig Gavin Cheshire has confirmed Colin McRae: DiRT 3's existence.

"There's some great stuff coming from Birmingham that's going into DiRT 3," blurted the exec to EDGE magazine, issue 213.

He added: "DiRT was a complete reboot - we threw away what was going on and redid it completely - and then we rebooted GRID because it wasn't top gun, and then we rebooted DiRT 2. I'm not saying we're throwing all the codebase away, but we're throwing the thoughts away and coming out with something fresh and new. Because if you don't innovate, you're dead."

Cheshire wasn't quizzed on details, platforms or dates, but he did mention that DiRT 3 may be a more British proposition than DiRT 2.

"I guess in today's world, every day you're dealing with people from all over the world. So it's a British company and the last bastion of British publishing, and there is some pride in that, but it doesn't take control of your life.

"It's about the culture we've created and making the best games you can. DiRT 2: brilliant game but it's all American accents, so maybe we're a little over the top with those. Maybe we should fly the flag a bit more," he said.

DiRT 1 and 2 revitalised a flagging Colin McRae Rally series despite the untimely and unfortunate death of the racing driver himself.

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