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CliffyB reveal delayed until Monday

A few more days required for "polish".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has got some big news to share - but looks like we won't find out what it is until next week.

US TV presenter Jimmy Fallon previously Tweeted that Bleszinksi would be appearing on his show tonight to debut his latest project.

But Fallon has since offered an update: "Attn gamers: Cliff Bleszinski has rescheduled to MONDAY 4/12 to unveil his sick new game."

Bleszinski confirmed the news on his own Twitter page, stating, "We wanted to take a couple more days to polish what we're showing. Sorry all, appreciate your patience!"

He added, "Unfortunately, 11th hour decisions do happen in entertainment. (You'll like what you see.)"

So what will we see? Gears of War 3? Shadow Complex 2? Unicorns coming out of his ass? Exciting times.

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