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Civ Rev demo on XBL/PSN Thursday

But PAL PSN users have to wait.

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2K Games is planning to release a demo of Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this Thursday.

According to GameSpot, the demo will be on Xbox Live worldwide and PSN in North America, with a PAL PSN release to follow at some undetermined point in the future. We've asked 2K to clarify.

The demo will give you control of either Caesar or Cleopatra and allow you to play against the CPU or human players online until 1250 AD. But if you're staring at your 2008 Kylie calendar in alarm, don't worry, you've misunderstood the premise: building civilisations up from nothing and trying to outdo competing cultures by achieving things like military, diplomatic, economical or scientific superiority.

The demo is set to weigh in at 1.08GB.

The full game isn't due out for a month in the US, but for once in our wretched lives the news is better for us, with a European release on PS3 and 360 set for 13th June. A DS version will then follow in the summer. The previously-planned Wii version is on indefinite hold.

Look out for our review of Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution very soon.

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