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Civ console formats confirmed

Wii is in, but no PSP.

Take-Two's newly announced E3 line-up won't hold any surprises if you've read our ongoing compilation, but it does confirm the formats for Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution - the famed strategy game's upcoming console outing.

According to the publisher's press release, Revolution, which is being developed under Meier at Firaxis Games, is due out in spring 2008 on Xbox 360, PS3 and DS, with a Wii version down for release in autumn 2008. The game had previously been listed as "next-generation consoles and handhelds", so there's a small surprise that no PSP version is mentioned - particularly given the release of Sid Meier's Pirates! on the Sony handheld earlier this year.

We'll be hooking up with Firaxis later in the week to take a look at the game, so we'll ask what's up. For now we know that it intends to deliver Civilization's epic turn-based strategy scale, along with multiplayer that incorporates video and voice chat. Take-Two promises "a level of gameplay that fans have never seen before"; we refer you to our previous coverage.

Other titles on Take-Two's E3 list are BioShock (Xbox 360, PC), The Darkness (Xbox 360, PS3), All-Pro [American] Football 2K8 (Xbox 360, PS3) and NHL 2K8 (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2). We also expect to see a new instalment in the NBA side of the 2K8 series.