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Cities: Skylines will add snow and trams

UPDATE: Release date ploughed out.

UPDATE 3.10pm: Cities: Skylines publisher Paradox Interactive has forecasted an 18th February release date for its upcoming Snowfall expansion.

Snow, snow ploughs, building heaters, winter parks and snowy landmarks will all be included, along with an all-weather tram option. Free weather options and more will also arrive as part of a general update to the game - more on all of that below.

ORIGINAL STORY 19/1/16 3.30pm: Well timed with the subzero temperatures currently encircling Eurogamer's office, Cities: Skylines developer Paradox has announced wintry expansion Snowfall.

The add-on will launch this year for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Cities: Skylines has so far lacked a full blown weather system, but one is coming to the game very soon via a free update. You'll get rain and fog. For free!

Paid expansion Snowfall will then add deeper integration, beyond pretty effects. When the temperature plummets your citizens will bundle up and turn up their heating - so you'll need to manage infrastructure.

Snowfall will include the ability to build ploughs to clear roads, as well as all-weather trams and better public transport options. Winter parks and landmarks, plus new Chirps (the in-game Twitter for your citizens).

Here's the first trailer:

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