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Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters arrives next week

Plus a free Scenario Editor for all players.

Cities: Skylines' next expansion, Natural Disasters, will be released on the 29th November.

Fans have been expecting this for some time, with disasters having become a staple of the city-building genre thanks to SimCity.

We've played this expansion ourselves, briefly, and you can take a look at the video below to see the game's new tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, lightning storms, forest fires and meteor strikes in action.

Cover image for YouTube video30 minutes of Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters Gameplay

These disasters can either be summoned at will, or enabled to periodically appear while you're playing in Sandbox mode. There's also a range of new building types which either provide warning of upcoming disasters, limit the damage they may cause, or help survivors in the immediate aftermath.

Alongside this DLC, which costs £10.99, Cities: Skylines will also receive a free update adding a new scenario editor. This allows players to create and share custom scenarios via the Steam Workshop, with set objectives like earning a certain amount of money, reaching a population goal, or creating a city that only uses public transport.