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Cing's Again, Monster Rancher for Europe

Tecmo KOEI publishing DS games in spring.

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A week after we'd heard they were heading West, Cing's DS games Again and Monster Rancher are now secured for Europe.

Tecmo KOEI has signed the licence and will deliver both titles in the spring.

Again follows Cing's Hotel Dusk template; it's a stylish and arty crime mystery with plenty of twists and turns.

The "CSI-style story" starts 19 years ago when a series of unsolved murders put the town of Clockford on edge. The killer left a torn dollar bill at every crime scene. Fast-forward to the present day and those torn bills are appearing at murder scenes again.

You will become FBI agent Jonathan Weaver and must link the clues together using Past Vision powers, using both DS screens to compare crime scenes from two different eras side-by-side.

Monster Rancher DS, on the other hand, comes from a long-running series based on breeding monsters to fight each other.

The game magically creates monsters from random words shouted into the microphone or from silly pictures drawn on screen. And when you're happy your monster is strong enough you can fight your friends, either locally or online.

We've popped some new Monster Rancher DS shots in our gallery. We're trying to track down some media for Again (sometimes subtitled Eye of Providence).

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