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Chopping down trees and crafting bows in H1Z1

Coming soon to Steam Early Access.

Sony Online Entertainment has released a gameplay demo of H1Z1, its post-apocalyptic MMO survival game.

In the demo game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt takes us through crafting, driving, combat and the game's 24 hour day/night cycle.

H1Z1 drops players in the woods with a flashlight and little else, and tasks them with surviving the open world as well as zombies.

With an axe Whisenhunt chops down a tree, then uses the game's Discover crafting system to learn the recipe for making a bow as well as arrows.

H1Z1 has vehicles, which are often in a state of disrepair. You need to craft more items to fix them up. You can also build a property - eventually.

Elsewhere, we see the 24 hour day/night cycle, how the weather and the night affect gameplay, and shooting zombies in the head.

H1Z1 is coming soon to Steam as an Early Access title. There's a PlayStation 4 version planned but it will be released after the PC version.

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