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Cheap Trick DLC for Rock Band

EMF's Unbelievable also incoming.

Cheap Trick and EMF are the latest acts lined up for Rock Band DLC, developer Harmonix has announced.

Vintage US rockers Cheap Trick offer up I Want You To Want Me (Live), Surrender (Live) and Dream Police, whereas EMF chime in with ubiquitous '90s indie disco favourite Unbelievable.

You can download them from 6th September, priced at £0.99/€1.49/200 Wii Points/160 Microsoft Points each or £2.49 UK/€3.99 EU/550 Wii Points/440 Microsoft Points for all three Cheap Trick tunes.

Surrender and Unbelievable also have Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions available for an additional £0.59/€0.79/100 Wii Points/80 Microsoft Points.

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