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CD Projekt explains 9GB Witcher 2 patch

Will all updates be this big?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eyeballs popped yesterday when owners of The Witcher 2 realised patch 1.1 on Steam was an enormous 9GB.

Why was it so big? Because the patch altered the entire 9GB Witcher 2 archive file, which Steam users were forced to re-download.

The actual 1.1 patch was only 15MB.

Will this be the case with all future Witcher 2 patches on Steam, including the planned 1.2 release next week?

"We are very sorry for gamers who have to download that much data and we agree that no one should be forced to do it just for one patch," developer CD Projekt told Eurogamer.

"We are aware of the situation and due to its nature we are in close cooperation with Steam, working together on resolving this issue.

"Unfortunately it takes some time. We will have more information ready on Monday. We are really sorry for inconvenience."

The Witcher 2 has had a turbulent release. Which is a shame, because the game itself is wonderful, and a proud owner of a 9/10 rosette from Eurogamer.

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