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Capcom seeks European SFIV champion

Be the best, win a scooter and a coat.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom is running an Xbox 360 tournament to find Europe's best Street Fighter IV player.

Open now and ending on 17th May, the competition uses the new Championship mode (released today) to track your performance. This will be measured using Grade Points, which are awarded for victories.

During the weekend beginning 30th May, 30 fighters from each of the five European countries participating - UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain - will compete for their national crown.

Then, on the weekend of 13th June, those champions will fly to a secret location for the International showdown.

Star prize is an Aerox R Yamaha scooter with matching - and SFIV-emblazoned - jackets.

Incidentally, Street Fighter IV fans without an Xbox Live Gold membership will be able to take part from 1st - 4th May, when Microsoft runs the Xtival weekend.

Please pick someone other than Ryu or Sagat.

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