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Capcom unveils PSP-exclusive fighter

Fate/unlimited codes via digi-distribution.

Capcom unveiled Fate/unlimited codes for PSP at its Captivate 09 event in Monaco last week.

It's a beat-'em-up due out this summer exclusively via digital distribution, and you can see the first screenshots and footage elsewhere on Eurogamer today.

Developed by Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's Eighting and based on the PC/PS2 visual novel Fate/stay night, it sees seven pairs of "Masters" and "Servants" battling for control of a Holy Grail that grants them any wish.

Capcom promised a fast-paced, weapons-based fighting system with characters including a magician, knight, bowman and samurai (there are 17 in total), and talked up the Reflect Dash system, which allows you to block while advancing to set up a Holy Grail Ultimate Combo.

As well as the main story mode, there will be local wireless play for two players, and dozens of unlockable secrets including costumes, 250-plus missions and mini-games.