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Capcom begins emergency Street Fighter 6 maintenance following Rashid's turbulent entrance

UPDATE: Maintenance complete, issues fixed.

Rashid, Street Fighter 6
Image credit: Capcom

UPDATE 12.04pm: Capcom has finished its emergency maintenance on Street Fighter 6.

"The Rashid Ysaar and JP Embrace move issues have been fixed," the developer announced. "Thanks again for your patience and enjoy the game!"

The original story continues below.

ORIGINAL 11.13am: Rashid blew into Street Fighter 6 yesterday with more gusto than developer Capcom intended.

Among other wind-based attacks, the new fighter can generate tornadoes and use them as projectiles. However, one attack was far more turbulent than expected - something that meant it could be exploited and used to gain the upper hand in a fight.

Players discovered they could use Rashid's 'Ysaar' attack to create a tornado that would stay on the screen for a prolonged period of time. This meant whichever player made the attack could use this wall of wind to whittle down their opponent's health until they ultimately got knocked out.

You can see how this looked in play thanks to fighting game pro Justin Wong in the tweet below.

Clearly, when Capcom named him Rashid Of The Turbulent Wind, this is not quite what they meant. Soon after Rashid's arrival in the game, the developer announced it was aware of the issue, and would be releasing a fix.

Its most recent update stated emergency maintenance would be taking place today, 25th July, and would last about two hours. So, no more everlasting wind walls for you, my friend.

In addition to addressing Rashid's Ysaar attack, Capcom is also sorting out JP's Embrace attacks during this period of maintenance.

Street Fighter 6 launched worldwide on 2nd June, across PC, PlayStation and Xbox. In that time, it has sold over 2m units.

Eurogamer was impressed with the game on its release, with Wes calling it "very special indeed". He praised its Battle Hub in particular, but the game as a whole charmed him.

"This is a Street Fighter with more than a modern control scheme - it is a modern take on the genre. It is welcoming, accessible and progressive. It is social, silly and spectacular," he wrote in his four out of five star review.

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