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Call of Duty: Warzone's "Big Bertha" meta and the state of solos


Call of Duty: Warzone players are using the 6x6 cargo truck vehicle to great effect in what's dubbed the "Big Bertha meta".

This vehicle is pretty much a rolling fortress, and is big enough to give you significant cover across the battle royale's map. It can also tank damage for most of the match.

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The Big Bertha meta is particularly popular in solos, when you're playing Warzone on your own against 149 other solo players. You can see players heading straight for a Big Bertha upon parachuting out of a chopper at the beginning of the round. Everyone's in on it, especially early game.

The idea is to use the Big Bertha to squish unsuspecting enemies and time your jump out of the vehicle to finish others off who are busy fussing over the truck. Especially in early game, when players are less likely to have obtained their loadout, the Big Bertha is difficult to destroy. Maybe someone's found an RPG. Maybe someone's found an explosive. But, on the whole, early game, people struggle to deal with the things.

When lots of people are using this tactic, endgame can get packed with Big Berthas who circle the gas. You can end up in some silly situations.

This bertha really took my emotions on a ride from r/CODWarzone

The current state of Warzone solos from r/CODWarzone

So, how do you combat this Big Bertha meta? People need explosives to do any significant damage to you while you're in the truck. You can get sniped out of a Big Bertha, but it would have to be a crack shot through one of the windows.

If you're taking on a Big Bertha with explosives (RPG/C4/semtex/mines/thermite), keep an eye out for a sneaky Trophy System. Big bertha meta fans are putting a Trophy System on the truck to negate incoming explosives, adding an extra layer of protection. It's smart, effective and pretty annoying to deal with.

In truth, Big Berthas have been popular in Warzone for some time, but it feels particularly prominent now on Verdansk '84.

"Us Bertha drivers," redditor All-Bizness said. "It's kinda like a cult, no kool-aid though, just a whole lot of '80s music, Trophy Systems and incredibly angry death mics."

Some players have called for Warzone developer Raven to pull the cargo truck from the game in solos, but I can't see that happening. Perhaps more likely is a nerf to the vehicle itself, maybe to reduce the protection it offers the driver.

Until then - the Big Bertha meta is very much upon us.

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