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Call of Duty: Warzone squad sets new world record with an astonishing 162 kills in a single game

Kill confirmed.

A Call of Duty: Warzone squad has set a new world record with an astonishing 162 kills in a single game.

The squad, led by 21-year-old American Warzone streamer Aydan "Aydan" Conrad, achieved the astonishing feat in a 2v2 $500 kill race wager match. Here, a squad of four divides itself into two to see which duo can score the most kills in a single game.

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Smashing the previous quads world record of 143, Aydan and co tear up Verdansk at a frightening pace, starting off with a kill using a helicopter's blades. After snagging his loadout, Aydan uses his fearsome AUG and FFAR 1 combo to hunt down pretty much every player on the map with brutal efficiency.

Aydan, who is, yes, wearing a sweaty Roze skin, does die a few times in the match, first returning to the battlefield via a gulag victory and thereafter bought back by his teammates. It's while waiting for the gulag to begin he realises his squad is on course to break the quads world record.

It's worth remembering this lobby was filled with 150 players, which means Aydan's squad managed to snag more kills than players who spawned on the map.

Watch the match in full in the video below (skip to the nine hours and 40 minutes mark):

There's a funny moment at the end of the match when, with 161 kills between them and only one enemy player left, the squad drops cash next to a buy station in a bid to encourage the player to buy back their teammates and thus add more players to the map for the squad to kill. But the last player refuses to budge, and is eventually killed for the win.

"This will NEVER be broken...," Aydan commented on Twitter.

There has been some debate about the lobby in which this world record was set. Website SBMMWarzone tracks Warzone player stats and sorts lobbies into difficulty. It categorises this 162-kill lobby as "bronze one" difficulty, which puts it in the bottom 20 per cent. The lobby had a median player kill/death ratio of 0.78. Aydan ended the match with an incredible 47 kills and 4.97 kill/death ratio.

"That lobby was bronze negative 10!" Aydan joked on-stream, noting how easy it felt for his squad. "We got blessed with the lobby. It was such a bot lobby."

Still, it's a stunning achievement and, as Aydan says, a record that will probably never be beaten.