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Call of Duty: Warzone quietly adds new Bombardment killstreak, Foresight returns

AUG nerfed.

Call of Duty: Warzone added a potentially powerful new killstreak with this morning's huge update.

Bombardment is obtained from the freshly-unlocked Containment Monitor stations found across the map.

This new killstreak is listed in the Containment Monitor station menu under the Containment Protocol category, and requires a key to unlock. This lets you call in a missile barrage over areas affected by the zombie outbreak.

To get the key, you need to first activate the computer terminal in an outbreak area of the map. This starts the zombie event. Kill all the zombies and you get a yellow access card as a drop. You then use this to open the nearby yellow supply crate, which contains the Protocol Access card. This is used to unlock Bombardment from a Containment Monitor.

Based on gameplay footage of Bombardment in action, this missile barrage lasts around 50 seconds - and is pretty devastating. I can imagine a situation where Bombardment cleans up a final circle if it happens to end up in one of the zombie outbreak areas.

Meanwhile, the Containment Monitor stations also facilitate the return of the Foresight equipment item. This $20k item lets you see how the circles will play out for the entire game - and can be pretty powerful in the hands of a squad.

Bombardment and Foresight were not revealed as part of the Warzone patch notes developer Raven published overnight, for some reason. Perhaps Raven wanted players to discover them for themselves.

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Speaking of the patch notes, they're pretty thin. Players had hoped for a meta-shaking weapon balance pass, but that hasn't transpired.

The highlight is a nerf to the AUG, widely considered one of the most effective weapons in Warzone. According to the patch notes, the AUG's base recoil magnitude has been increased, so it should be harder to control.

Elsewhere, there are a handful changes to attachments:

  • The Suppressor muzzle now correctly displays muzzle flash concealment as a pro.
  • The Cavalry Lancer barrel now increases damage done to vehicles.
  • Smooth zoom/variable zoom scopes will now properly mount on vertical walls.
  • Fixed some ADS firing animation issues on scopes.
  • Fixed a bug where some Cold War barrels were not having their intended effects.

Also of note: armour should now spawn consistently as ground loot across all matches.

Warzone is of course building up to a cataclysmic nuke event. It's all leading towards an 1980s-themed refresh of Verdansk.

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