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Call of Duty: Warzone players are exploiting a new, game-breaking invisibility glitch

UPDATE: Raven pulls the attack helicopter as a temporary fix.

UPDATE: Raven Software has pulled the attack helicopter from Call of Duty: Warzone as a temporary fix for the invisibility glitch that has plagued the game since Season One went live.

The attack helicopter has been temporarily removed from both Warzone maps: Verdansk and Rebirth Island. It will return once the invisibility glitch reported below is fixed. Normal helicopters remain in the battle royale.

ORIGINAL STORY: Call of Duty: Warzone now has Black Ops Cold War integration, a new season, a fresh battle pass - and a game-breaking exploit.

A new invisibility glitch has emerged that lets players make use of an exploit to win easily. Activating the glitch is incredibly simple, and involves crashing while using Warzone's new helicopter minigun.

Once triggered, you are invisible and you are invulnerable to most forms of damage. It seems you can die to vehicles, some explosive damage and the gas.

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There are multiple clips of this glitch in use already, just a day after the launch of Season One. Here's a snippet:

Watch on YouTube
Invisible hackers now... from r/CODWarzone
today I got killed by an invisible dude from r/CODWarzone
Teammate killed an invisible player / god mode glitch cheater to win the game from r/CODWarzone
Jugs may be gone but invisibility is here now from r/CODWarzone
I just came in 2nd with 20 kills to an invisible guy...... come on infinity ward get it together. from r/CODWarzone

As you can see, this exploit ruins the battle royale for pretty much everyone, and it seems to be prevalent. "Just got third-place in a match because some invisibility glitchers," said redditor rayk10k. "Both of the last two teams were glitching, couldn't even kill each other and had to wait till someone died first in final zone. Utter bullshit. Each kid on the team I was spectating had 10-12 people watching them. Please ban these people for exploitation. That was the 4th time tonight my friends and I were killed by people using this glitch."

Treyarch and Raven Software - the current developers of Warzone now Infinity Ward has stepped back - have yet to comment, but this is something they'll want to hotfix as soon as possible.