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Call of Duty Warzone players use infinite revive exploit to win from within the gas

UPDATE: Infinity Ward patches gas ring counter.

UPDATE 13/03/20: It's good news for Warzone players, as it seems that game-breaking revive exploit has already been addressed by Infinity Ward.

Thanks to a playlist update rolled out last night, players should no longer be able to sit in the gas cloud reviving each other forever (something made easy with the help of perks). While Infinity Ward's tweet is somewhat vague, with a little gaswork it's almost certainly about the infinite revive perk found by players earlier this week.

Meanwhile, kill credits in Warzone will soon go to the player who downs an enemy rather than the person who lands the finishing blow. A tweet from co-design director Joe Cecot explained this “just missed release” but will be added in the next major update, which means you'll have to start getting your own kills instead of just hoovering up after your teammates.

ORIGINAL STORY 12/03/20: Yesterday I was scrolling through the Call of Duty Warzone Reddit when I stumbled upon a post claiming cheaters had already found ways to hack the game: it was the final circle, their squad was ready and waiting, but where were the enemies?

As it turns out, it was possible they were simply reviving each other over and over in the gas, as an infinite revive exploit has been discovered.

First shared by Reddit user MightyKonsti, the exploit allows two players to keep reviving each other while in the death zone, which becomes a little game-breaking if a squad starts a revive relay instead of actually fighting in the final circles. "We were [in quite a] panic as this was our second endgame... and when we looked up to the dam we couldn't see any way up, so in reflex I said we need to revive each other," MightyKonsti explained. "...and so we found out about this abusable mechanic."

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There are some caveats to this exploit, however: MightyKonsti explained both teammates had the Tune Up perk equipped, which speeds up revive time by 25 per cent. The pair both claimed it was still possible without the perk, however, having then tried it during the second circle which apparently "was a little harder as the time window is smaller without the perk".

We tried this revive exploit for ourselves without the perk equipped, and indeed found it difficult to get the timing right, and we couldn't replicate the exploit. At least the exploit isn't as obvious as the video alone might suggest: you have to know what you're doing to replicate this exploit, and realistically it's only viable with the perk.

That loadout perk is still going to need some rebalancing, however - and it seems likely a hotfix will be on the way to patch it up. Undoubtedly this episode will only further stoke community concerns about the ease of buying loadout drops, which are cheap and can be used by multiple teammates - thus giving experienced Modern Warfare players a big head-start by allowing them access to their favourite weapons. And also the ability to revive themselves forever, apparently.

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