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Call of Duty: Strike Team released on App Store

Switch between first and third-person perspectives.

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Surprise! Activision just released a new iOS Call of Duty game on the App Store.

Call of Duty: Strike Team is a £4.99, 1.31GB iPhone and iPad app built from the ground up for mobile devices, by Leeds-based studio The Blast Furnace, maker of the recent Pitfall! endless runner.

It's a first-person and third-person game in which you can customise your squad's loadouts and abilities. You can switch between a run and gun first-person view to reconnaissance and coordinated squad attacks in third-person view. 

Strike Team is set in 2020, a time when tensions are running high among the world's superpowers. After a surprise attack, the US finds itself at war with an unknown enemy. It sounds like Strike Team leads into Infinity Ward's Ghosts, due out in November.

There's a single-player campaign mode and a survival mode, in which you fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies, supported by leaderboards.

Screenshots are below.

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