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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player gets revenge on wall glitchers with a tank

Fish in a barrel.

We've had spawns raining men, tactical insertion teleports and players flying around the unreleased battle royale map - but now another glitch has gained prominence in the Modern Warfare community... albeit for all the wrong reasons. This time it's a more traditional online multiplayer problem: wall glitchers, who appear to be plaguing certain corners of Modern Warfare's maps.

Until a player inserts a tank into said corner, that is.

On the Modern Warfare subreddit and YouTube, users have been reporting issues with wall glitchers for several weeks - highlighting hotspots in Ground War maps such as a point near D in Tavorsk, one around C in Krovnik Farmland, and a severe under-map glitch in Port. Some of the most recent posts show wall glitchers inside silos in Karst River Quarry, and players demanding a teammate stop exploiting a glitch in Piccadilly.

Watch on YouTube

Needless to say, players exploiting the glitches to establish risk-free camping spots haven't been terribly popular with the rest of the community - and some have taken to vigilante justice. Yesterday user xBRITISHxM8x shared a video in which they enacted revenge on the naughty players - and they really didn't hold back. Using a tank, they managed to clip the gun into a small room hiding several wall glitchers, and...well.

Giving Wall Glitchers a bit of their own medicine from r/modernwarfare

While it's satisfying to watch, on a more serious note, it does seem Infinity Ward has plenty of work to do in preventing players from exploiting these game-breaking glitches, which seem to be dotted around a huge variety of maps. Meanwhile, if you're really that desperate to set up a camping spot - just place some claymores like the rest of us.