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Bungie's message to Halo fans

Give Microsoft "creative flexibility".

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Bungie has urged Halo fans to give Microsoft "creative flexibility" with the franchise as it formally hands over the reins to new custodian 343 Industries.

Bungie community manager Eric Osborne told Eurogamer that the platform holder should be given the opportunity to take the brand where it thinks best, in the same way that Bungie was given that freedom by Microsoft.

"Going forward, it's their franchise, their IP, and the direction they take has got to be their own," he explained.

"I think for fans, the message for them is that they need to allow Microsoft the creative flexibility to let them do what they need to do. In the same way they gave it to us."

Osborne added that Bungie has had no input whatsoever into next year's Halo 4 and is as in the dark as everyone else as to what to expect.

"It's all new. We don't have any insight. I can't really spoil anything or give you any secrets. They're all outside the studio now. And if I had any information and disclosed it I think Microsoft would be very upset with me."

While it's still hosting some stat-tracking, Bungie handed matchmaking support back to Microsoft on Wednesday, drawing a line under its decade-long association with the series.

It's currently hard at work on a brand new, as yet unannounced, multiplatform IP for Activision.

Osborne was speaking to Eurogamer to mark the launch of an hour-long documentary, titled O Brave New World, to celebrate Bungie's 20th anniversary. You can see it in full below.

Check back tomorrow for the full interview with Osborne.

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