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Bungie teases a Destiny announcement on Sunday

So if a game's born out of Destiny does it become Destiny's child?

Bungie appears poised to unveil its new game Destiny on Sunday, 17th February.

An official Twitter account and accompanying post on Bungie's website announced the announcement (groan).

"So, our game is called Destiny," wrote Bungie.


"In a matter of days, we're going to give you your first glimpse into the vision and ambition that's driving the creation of our brave new world."

Bungie will shout about it on every form of social media.

To spice things up ahead of the announcement, Bungie launched an ARG website. This seemed to suggest Monday was the day of the reveal rather than Sunday.

Destiny is an Activision game, thought to be science fiction with a strong persistent online multiplayer element to it. I expect Bungie will sidestep the MMO connotations, so its vision could take some explaining.

Whether it will launch this autumn on Xbox 360 and the new Xbox, as once expected - before heading multiplatform at a later date - is unclear. Activision cast doubt on this in its recent financial conference call by not including it in its line-up for the year ahead.

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