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Bungie pulls Telesto from Destiny 2 after players discovered it could charge supers without a single kill

No longer the besto.

Bungie has been forced to remove the Telesto pulse rifle from Destiny 2 after players discovered an exploit that enabled them to instantly replenish their super ability bar without shooting a single enemy.

As detailed by Destiny YouTuber Ehroar below (thanks, PC Gamer), to fill their super, all players needed to do was fire rounds into the ground and throw a grenade onto them. By laying Telestro's non-detonating projectiles into the ground and them blowing them up with a grenade (AoE is best), the game - incorrectly, of course - labels those blown-up projectiles as enemy kills and boosts your super bar accordingly.

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Add in and stack the Ashes to Assets or Enhanced Ashes to Assets mods/perks and things get even more out of control, as you'll build up your super even faster.

Amazingly, this exploit worked in PvP as well as PvE, which made life in the crucible exceedingly miserable for principled - or Telesto-less - Guardians.

"Due to an exploit involving Telesto, we are temporarily disabling access to this weapon in all activities," Bungie explained by way of its Bungie Help Twitter account over the weekend. "Stay tuned to @Bungiehelp and we will post additional updates as we investigate."

Right now, there's no confirmation on when we might see Telesto return.

In more things-that-don't-work-properly-in-Destiny-2 news, players recently discovered a way to defeat a boss in Shadowkeep's Garden of Salvation raid using a cheese reminiscent of the very first raid in Destiny 1. Just like Atheon at the end of the Vault of Glass raid, players have discovered that by throwing a well-placed Hunter's smoke grenade near one of the bottomless pits in Shaowkeep's raid, Harpy boss The Consecrated Mind can focus on the grenade while moving backwards to its death.

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