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Bungie donating Pride Pin profits to Trans Lifeline this November

In support of Transgender Awareness Week.

Bungie is selling a Pride Pin in its US store, with all profits in November donated to charity Trans Lifeline.

The news was announced via an in-game message in Destiny 2. Community manager dmg04 shared the message on Twitter.

"During November, Bungie is standing with the transgender and gender-nonconforming community to raise awareness and work to end anti-trans violence," it reads. "All profits of the Bungie Store's Pride pin will benefit Trans Lifeline to provide support."

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In a further message, dmg04 explained that unlike similar pins for disability awareness, Black Lives Matter, and International Women's Day, the physical Pride Pin is separate to the in-game emblem for your guardian. That way the emblem is accessible for all and not just those who buy the pin.

The pin is available in the US Bungie store for $15.

News of linking the Pride Pin to Transgender Awareness Week was first included in a Trans @ Bungie blog post, detailing how Bungie is supporting the community.

Trans Lifeline is a support helpline for trans people in the US and Canada, offering emotional and financial support.

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