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Bungie doc teases Project Tiger

First images of new game world shown.

Bungie has offered a tantalising glimpse at its next project in a new documentary released to mark its 20th anniversary.

Skip to around the 53 minute mark in the film, shared below, and you'll hear a few references to the game, which appears to be codenamed Tiger.

"One reason that Tiger is so intriguing to so many people in the studio is that it's reaching players in a way that we haven't before," says co-founder Jason Jones while discussing what the former Halo studio is currently working on.

Executive producer Joseph Tung adds, "I believe that it absolutely will be a game-changer in the way that Halo was a game-changer."

"We want build a universe where any crazy s*** can happen," says another staffer.

As well as a few snatches of some motion capture being filmed, there's also a quick glimpse of a desert landscape dotted with windmills.

There's no confirmation that it's from the unannounced multiplatform title that Bungie's currently making for Activision, but it certainly isn't from the Halo universe.

Take a look and toss in your ten cents.

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