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Bungie details Destiny 2 Gambit changes, explains why Forsaken raid won't get hard mode

Mara the good stuff.

Bungie has detailed improvements to some of Destiny 2's most pressing issues, such as Gambit's Sleeper Simulant problem and Malfeasance questline, in response to player feedback.

In its weekly blog update, the studio also explained why it had decided against creating multiple difficulties for the Last Wish raid.

First things first, Bungie will significantly increase the Ascendant Primeval Servitor's spawn rate by placing it on the Dreaming City's "curse cycle". Every three weeks once the curse is at its peak, the Servitor "will have almost the same chance to spawn as any other Primeval". Its overall spawn rate will be upped across the board too, so players chasing down Malfeasance quest completion at any point throughout the curse cycle shouldn't have such a rough time.

If you've played Gambit, you'll know Sleeper Simulant rules the roost. Well, heavy ammo drops for Sleeper Simulant will now give two shots per ammo crate instead of four. It's an indirect nerf that should, in theory, make Sleeper users value their shots a bit more - and stop anyone wiping out the entire other team with one clip.

We'll be seeing more of this.

On the Last Wish raid, Bungie addressed fan questions on whether a higher difficulty "Prestige" version would swing around sometime soon.

"Right about now, you might be wondering when another version of the raid will rear its ugly head full of eyes and teeth." Bungie said. "With the goals to create a more varied and rewarding experience across the endgame of Destiny laid out before us, we had to make a series of difficult choices. One of these choices was that we would not be creating multiple difficulties of Last Wish."

When creating Last Wish, Bungie explained that focusing on a single difficulty allowed it to create a "definitive version".

"We wanted to create an experience that offered the truest forms of every encounter from day one, and offered some of the most powerful rewards in the game to anyone who could succeed."

To top it all off, Bungie promised more information on the Black Armory DLC's upcoming Raid Lair soon, as well as details on Festival of the Lost, which begins on 16th October.

It's clear Bungie is closely monitoring player feedback and implementing some welcome changes in response. Forsaken's been a fantastic ride so far, and it feels like Bungie is keen to keep it that way.

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