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Bungie detailing Destiny 2's concluding expansion The Final Shape next week

Plus "what to expect in the coming year".

After six years, Destiny 2's concluding expansion, The Final Shape, is almost in sight, with a launch expected early next year. Right now, its innards remains mysterious, but that'll change next week when Bungie shares first details in a newly announced livestream.

Things get underway next Tuesday, 22nd August, at 4pm BST/8am PT via Twich, YouTube, and TikTok, with a one-hour pre-show. The show proper begins an hour later, bringing details of The Final Shape expansion, Destiny 2's Season 22, its next reprised raid, and more.

Bungie says the main show will then be followed by a live post-show, featuring a roundtable developer discussion focusing on what players can expect to see over the coming year for Destiny 2. Those viewing via Twitch, incidentally, can get an exclusive emblem by watching for any 30 minutes between the start of the showcase and the end of the post-show.

Destiny 2's The Light and Darkness Saga - Epic Moments trailer.Watch on YouTube

The Final Shape, which follows on from 2022's well-received The Witch Queen expansion and this year's decidedly less loved Lightfall, will see Bungie bringing Destiny's Light and Darkness Saga to a close. It's still some way off - currently expected to arrive in February next year - but Destiny 2 will have stuff to do in the interim, starting with the launch of Season 22.

Season 22's arrival coincides with next week's livestream on 22nd August, and while full details are still to come, Bungie has already shared some initial changes the currently unnamed season will bring. Everything we know so far can be found in Eurogamer's Season 22 guide.

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