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Bungie deal is "a big win", says Sony

Microsoft a bit more circumspect.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has issued a statement saying it's jolly happy about the new deal Bungie has just signed with Activision.

"The partnership between Bungie and Activision is a big win for gamers worldwide," the statement reads.

"Combining Bungie's creativity with the incredible power of PlayStation 3 will add serious muscle to action gaming. We look forward to extending Bungie’s 'next big action game universe' with PS3 users."

Bungie has yet to reveal exactly which platforms it's developing for now, but the company certainly sounded keen on expanding its audience when speaking to Eurogamer yesterday.

Microsoft, understandably, appeared less excited, but put a brave face on it all the same. "Our partnership with Bungie as a first-party developer for Xbox 360 remains unchanged," the company stated. "Right now we’re deeply engaged with them on the development of Halo Reach, which is poised to be the biggest game of 2010."

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