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Bungie co-founder sets up new studio

Industrial Toys to focus on mobile titles for core gamers.

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Bungie co-founder and former Disney Interactive Studios chief Alex Seropian has set up a new outfit to develop core games for mobile platforms.

As reported by Pocket Gamer, it's called Industrial Toys and also boasts ex-Dreamworks R&D manager Brent Pease and "some kickass art talent from ex-Marvel and DC guys" on its payroll.

"We believe in the future of mobile. No more excuses for inferior game play, graphics, and idle time-wasters with cute names and elementary mechanics," reads the mission statement on its Facebook page.

"We believe in the audience of core gamers who are waiting, demanding respect. And we're prepared to over deliver with something they've never seen in the world of mobile - artistically-envisioned high-quality production, intricately advanced layers of narrative and gameplay in a free-to-play model designed to inspire rather than exploit."

No specific projects have yet been announced.

Seropian set up Bungie back in 1991 with programmer Jason Jones. He left in 2002 to start the short-lived Wideload Games which was bought by Disney Interactive in 2009, for whom he served as head of in-house game development.

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